So, it’s 2019 and I’ve taken a little break from writing because the absurdity of the news has become so surreal I feel like I’ve really fallen down a rabbit hole. In a million years would we have someone like Trump in the White House? Rude, brash, abrasive and seemingly ignorant. A president who “tweets” out messages instead of writing internal memos? It seems like a very bad episode of The Simpsons or The Family Guy. The whole world is watching, “The Emperor Has No Clothes” instead in this case, the POTUS has no common sense, etiquette, class, intelligence, etc.  When is some little kid going to point it out? Isn’t that the next step in this big drama?

I watched the movie Broadcast News which was written in the late 90’s talking about the idea of “fake” news in a very vanilla sense when a reporter “fakes” a tear, something to create drama, theater. This seemed to be a pre-curser of what we have to deal with now every single day.  Instead of hearing about “real news’ I have to hear about the latest websites, the latest latte at Starbucks, insignificant issues that have little or no bearing on my life at all. It’s ironic this movie came out just before 911, the biggest story of the century and we still don’t have a meaningful dialogue about what really happened.

I hate that I have to swallow my pride and drive by “Todd Beamer High School” another invention and have to pretend that was real, a part of our “history”.  I keep waiting for someone or something to knock down the “fourth wall” and let us all in the joke. 1984 and fake history seems closer than ever.

What I do know, is someone is having a great laugh at our collective expense and we are supposed to buy it.




This sums it up nicely. You can sleep at night, more BS.

Just as my “gut” feeling told me that not was all as it should be in Sandy Hook, the same “gut” feeling persists here regarding the OSO landslide. It all neatly dovetails together, OSO strong..and now the mom just “grateful” her baby is dead? I’m not buying it. It sounds contrived. I’m sure the landslide happened, not sure that all the players were really affected, real mixed up with crisis actors? Half truths? Not sure what to think?

I am much calmer today, I feel euphoric, like I’ve discovered some brand new element in the universe that will solve all of our problems and bring world peace. Now that I know that the MSM is part of the manufacturing process of the “fake” news, it’s a relief. Before, I used have both fear and worry as part of my daily “meal” from the news, now that I know for the most part it’s bogus, it’s a relief.  I don’t have to waste my time trying to figure out if it’s real or not, I just have to consider the source. If it comes from the MSM, then it’s false, most of the time, propaganda meant to deceive and create a climate of fear and distrust.

The reason(s) why are still eluding me, but I think in general when I think of my reaction to these events, it’s because it creates fear and panic and mistrust in people. If you can get people to “fear” then you can control them, collectively.  You can make them do things, “for the bigger picture, for the better good”. 

For example, Sandy Hook was a desperate attempt to disarm the citizens, who would fear guns more than liberty, but that did not happen.  The Boston Marathon again is another attempt to try and get people from gathering together in order to celebrate or to create a culture of “fear” so that we would somehow expect to be “protected”.  Armed police going from house to house, martial law as a “natural state” rather than what it is, trying to change our ideals of what is “normal” American life. 

Collectively, we have to remember there is many more of “us” vs. “them” and we do have the power. The power is simple, do not allow fear to rule your life, stop listening to the propaganda on the MSM and realize your friends, your neighbors and your community is for the most part a safe place to live.

Buy a copy of the Constitution, the Bill of Rights and memorize it. Remember what makes this country the best in the entire world, “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.”

Dear Readers,
I’m getting a little discouraged. Actually, I am getting very discouraged. I am having a harder and harder time trying to interpret the news and world events. It seems like there are two very distinct and very different paths that are emerging at the same time and are on a collision course.

The first, which is the mainstream media news, which we have all ready found is flawed, faulty, inconclusive reporting innuendo rather than fact. Once the blinders of blind faith in our institutions have been shattered, you can never look at things the same way again. I long for those simpler days when I would listen to the news at night and “sigh” oh, that is so sad, or be so very happy, if I heard some good news for a change, but now I am only wary, whether it is good or bad, from the right or left, from the mainstream or from alternate media. I won’t even pretend, I am confused.

The Boston Marathon story is another that has me puzzled, there seem to be as many conspiracy theories as the previous Sandy Hook, and yet it seems very disingenuous, there does not seem to be even a real attempt to try and explain this in the media. If there is a conspiracy and some kind of alternate universe where bad people are always plotting and planning bad things, then they really seem to be a very lazy bunch.

They don’t seem to care if they get caught at it, it’s more part of the same game, to alienate people from each other, the “truthers” from the mainstream sheeple, those who would just rather believe whatever they see on TV because I would imagine it’s just easier. It was easier for me, but now that my eyes and ears are open, it’s hopelessly hard.

For example, this picture of the Marathon Bomber’s wife, Katherine Russell. She seems to have a striking likeness to a very young Katherine Heigl. Katherine Russell At least in my opinion anyway, I checked with Katherine Heigl’s website, they said it wasn’t her, but still the likeness is uncanny to me. Katherine Heigl

Then there was the story about the Waco plant fertilizer and the EMT worker who was arrested for having his own stash of chemical fertilizer products for supposedly making bombs. OK, so I look at his picture, and think…ohh…now he looks familier, where have I seen him before? bryce reed texas paramedic Actually, he kind of looks like this guy, sans the great tan and lighting  but not really, it could be this this guy, below who has the same crooked smile or maybe a complication photo shop of both of them. The point being, it does not have to be a real person, since it is fake news. . . Chris O'Donnell Peter Saarsgard

But then I think, that can’t be…that’s just crazy! Or is it? Not sure anymore. They say we all have a twin somewhere in the world, but do we all have some evil twin in the world out there? So for every hunky Chris O’Donnell is there a wimpy EMT guy who looks just like him, who is accused of storing explosive materials?

For every terrorist’s wife, is there a famous actress, who has a picture perfect fairy-tale life instead? How perverse is that? It is just too weird to even contemplate, but I am forced to contemplate it because now the “cat is out of the bag” and I know that not everything we see or read or hear is true.

There is this very interesting site, called Well Aware 1 and this guy spends hours and hours finding look-a-likes that are in the news. Some look ‘spot-on” and well others i think are a very big stretch. But it does get me thinking.. and that’s all I can do. Think. Thank God for that.

sandyhook_dark_knight_rises_mapOK, so now that you know I am an official doubter of what I see and hear on the mainstream media, and also a doubter of those who publish and promote conspiracy theories, I have to ask a few questions. What does this silly map have to do with Sandy Hook, The Boston Marathon and/or other events that are yet to take place?

This is a map from the Dark Knight Rising Batman movie which some conspiracy theorists inferred that the map was somehow a precursor to the evil events ahead. The first strike zone was listed as “Sandy Hook” although it was said there was another name in a previous version of the map.

It’s interesting but unknown what the terms rally point and check point at the bottom left hand corner of the map means, but it’s interesting that those terms are used in marathons, aren’t they?

My concern, is the 2nd strike zone which is the Verzanno-Narrows Bridge on the map, but could really mean anything that has the word, “Narrows” in it? Will the coincidences continue with marathons, or with the word, “Narrows” or is this all just a horrible coincidence?

I’m not trying to make judgements, have a theory or even a meaning behind all this, just reporting these things as they appear, so those who do have opinions on this, can come to their own conclusions.
By the way, I seriously doubt anyone in the mainstream media is going to take any of this on. Don’t expect them to pick up and report on these coincidences.

OK, so now that you know that I am an official doubter, I have some doubts, I think I may be under some kind of surveillance, but can’t really prove it. It all started when I started to post my comments in blogs that had to do with the Sandy Hook Hoax, Conspiracy, etc…or just not known yet what is the truth of that event. Again, to reiterate, I’m no conspiracy theorist, but I am an official doubter, so much so, I started tweeting and asking why the main stream media and people like Anderson Cooper, were not looking into the many discrepancies of that day. It still irritates me. 

Then my Blackberry phone went out, or started to fritz out meaning that it would black out. I had been planning to update to a newer Android phone as well, so it did not really phase me when I went I ordered a new phone on line.  The first little clue, in that I might be under surveillance is that the order took longer than usual, and the phone seemed to take a detour before it was shipped me, as evidenced by the shipping manifest. But not to worry, why should I worry?  Still it was odd. Then the next odd thing that happened, is that of course, this was a new phone that I would have to get used to using. I had been blissfully happy with my Blackberry, not desiring all the new tools of the new android phones and everything was different, so there was a learning curve I will admit. 

 But the odd thing, is that this phone had somewhat of a mind of it’s own. It would have favorite radio stations, sports teams, etc. in another part of the country, it would be set to time zones that weren’t mine, and when near any kind of speakers, the speakers would buzz.  OK, so now the latest Colombo episode explained that phenomena to me last night, in that “bugs” can create electrical disturbances, so maybe, just maybe I was being “bugged”.  But why?

It seemed very unlikely to me, I don’t fit the profile, since I have a pretty normal and mundane life, that does not include anything of interest to anyone. Spying on me, would be like, well spying on “Truman” on the Truman Show.  Just an ordinary day of brushing teeth, going to work, talking with family, eating, working, driving and sleeping. Not a good use of government money, and I know they are short there. Someone in the spy department probably needs to be sequestered as well.

 I don’t even have any exceptional hobbies or interests that would make for good gossip.  So then, the question would have to be, am I slowly going insane here and becoming delusional, or is something actually happening?

I tried to exchange my phone, soon after I found out about it’s eccentricities but found out, that I could not simply exchange it at the phone store, for some reason I had to send it back, the way I got it and get another one on-line.  This was something new as well and not required as before.

I thought, well I better keep my eyes and ears open, and it seemed to me, as well I was being followed. It wasn’t anything I could put my finger on, except to say, I would notice an unmarked white van, dark windows in or near my perimeter area of driving, there might also be a black or red car, to change it up, but again nothing definitive, nothing that I could verify. I started to act erratically and take great pains to avoid being followed if I could, even I was only going to work, or the store or to a friend’s house.  I felt very silly, it was all so James Bond.

I noticed one other thing, as well that was strange about my phone and when I talked with a friend who actually had been under surveillance at one point in her life (due to her crazy ex-boyfriend), she explained, it might not be me at all, but perhaps people that I would or could possibly associate with on these “conspiracy” blogs. After all, who were these people anyway? They couldn’t all possibly be just mildly curious doubters like myself, they might have other interests and intentions. She advised me to stay away and that sounded like good advice.

And so I have, for the most part, I still have my opinions, but they are hardly radical, mostly I have just learned not to accept everything at face value anymore and keep my opinions to myself. If it sounds like a crazy story, then well, it just might be that, “a crazy story”. And if the facts come in, too fast and furious and the media tries to wrap it all up, like a great big present, I don’t have to buy it or open it.

Still, when you think about the “right to privacy” what exactly does that mean today? If you go to the 7-11 down the street, you probably were snapped at the light, by the camera above the light, and the surveillance cameras inside of the store. If you happen to pass someone on the street who is taking a picture with their phone, you could as easily get in their way, and become a part of the picture.  Your phone calls can be recorded, your car, if you have On-Star, your phone can work spying on you whether you are aware of it or not, and Facebook, lets the whole world what you are up to, unless you have privacy features who limit who can see that information. But all that privacy goes away if you are being spied on.

I am happy I live in a part of the world, where people actually care about privacy. When the city decided to have surveillance cameras in mostly a residential neighborhood for the good of “Homeland Security” and had purchased some “drones” there was an outcry. Not in our backyard. 

So, am I being spied on? Maybe? It’s hard to say, but I’m not going to lose sleep over it only because who ever “they” are, will come to the wise conclusion there better uses for their limited resources. I got myself a copy of 1984 and listened to in my car, with hope that whoever was listening in on me, might even feel a little bit ashamed of themselves for doing it. It also reminded me of how precious a commodity privacy can be. I guess, the bigger question is, are we “all” being spied on, in some fashion or another, and should we care?