sandyhook_dark_knight_rises_mapOK, so now that you know I am an official doubter of what I see and hear on the mainstream media, and also a doubter of those who publish and promote conspiracy theories, I have to ask a few questions. What does this silly map have to do with Sandy Hook, The Boston Marathon and/or other events that are yet to take place?

This is a map from the Dark Knight Rising Batman movie which some conspiracy theorists inferred that the map was somehow a precursor to the evil events ahead. The first strike zone was listed as “Sandy Hook” although it was said there was another name in a previous version of the map.

It’s interesting but unknown what the terms rally point and check point at the bottom left hand corner of the map means, but it’s interesting that those terms are used in marathons, aren’t they?

My concern, is the 2nd strike zone which is the Verzanno-Narrows Bridge on the map, but could really mean anything that has the word, “Narrows” in it? Will the coincidences continue with marathons, or with the word, “Narrows” or is this all just a horrible coincidence?

I’m not trying to make judgements, have a theory or even a meaning behind all this, just reporting these things as they appear, so those who do have opinions on this, can come to their own conclusions.
By the way, I seriously doubt anyone in the mainstream media is going to take any of this on. Don’t expect them to pick up and report on these coincidences.