Dear Readers,
I’m getting a little discouraged. Actually, I am getting very discouraged. I am having a harder and harder time trying to interpret the news and world events. It seems like there are two very distinct and very different paths that are emerging at the same time and are on a collision course.

The first, which is the mainstream media news, which we have all ready found is flawed, faulty, inconclusive reporting innuendo rather than fact. Once the blinders of blind faith in our institutions have been shattered, you can never look at things the same way again. I long for those simpler days when I would listen to the news at night and “sigh” oh, that is so sad, or be so very happy, if I heard some good news for a change, but now I am only wary, whether it is good or bad, from the right or left, from the mainstream or from alternate media. I won’t even pretend, I am confused.

The Boston Marathon story is another that has me puzzled, there seem to be as many conspiracy theories as the previous Sandy Hook, and yet it seems very disingenuous, there does not seem to be even a real attempt to try and explain this in the media. If there is a conspiracy and some kind of alternate universe where bad people are always plotting and planning bad things, then they really seem to be a very lazy bunch.

They don’t seem to care if they get caught at it, it’s more part of the same game, to alienate people from each other, the “truthers” from the mainstream sheeple, those who would just rather believe whatever they see on TV because I would imagine it’s just easier. It was easier for me, but now that my eyes and ears are open, it’s hopelessly hard.

For example, this picture of the Marathon Bomber’s wife, Katherine Russell. She seems to have a striking likeness to a very young Katherine Heigl. Katherine Russell At least in my opinion anyway, I checked with Katherine Heigl’s website, they said it wasn’t her, but still the likeness is uncanny to me. Katherine Heigl

Then there was the story about the Waco plant fertilizer and the EMT worker who was arrested for having his own stash of chemical fertilizer products for supposedly making bombs. OK, so I look at his picture, and think…ohh…now he looks familier, where have I seen him before? bryce reed texas paramedic Actually, he kind of looks like this guy, sans the great tan and lighting  but not really, it could be this this guy, below who has the same crooked smile or maybe a complication photo shop of both of them. The point being, it does not have to be a real person, since it is fake news. . . Chris O'Donnell Peter Saarsgard

But then I think, that can’t be…that’s just crazy! Or is it? Not sure anymore. They say we all have a twin somewhere in the world, but do we all have some evil twin in the world out there? So for every hunky Chris O’Donnell is there a wimpy EMT guy who looks just like him, who is accused of storing explosive materials?

For every terrorist’s wife, is there a famous actress, who has a picture perfect fairy-tale life instead? How perverse is that? It is just too weird to even contemplate, but I am forced to contemplate it because now the “cat is out of the bag” and I know that not everything we see or read or hear is true.

There is this very interesting site, called Well Aware 1 and this guy spends hours and hours finding look-a-likes that are in the news. Some look ‘spot-on” and well others i think are a very big stretch. But it does get me thinking.. and that’s all I can do. Think. Thank God for that.